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Victor Kogan-Yasny’s articles have, by current standards, been published in Russian for quite a long time now. The uniqueness of these works is that time has shown the accuracy and objectivity of his analysis. In analyzing the peculiarities of Russian politics in inseparable connection with European and world developments, and without being carried away by analogies, the author doubtless determines very precisely the place of Russia. Victor Kogan-Yasny’s involvement in practical politics certainly makes his conclusions even more credible. However, in my opinion, the author’s main achievement is his absolute intellectual honesty. I do not think I am mistaken in saying that, of all that has been published in Russia in recent decades, the political and philosophical works of Viktor Kogan-Yasny have indeed proved to be the most accurate and profound in their assessments and predictions. It is absolutely essential for anyone who wants to understand modern Russia to read, attentively and without haste, this wise and selfless book.

            Grigory Yavlinsky    Moscow

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